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Learning to make your own soap is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. When people talk about making soap at home, they may be speaking of one of two things. Some people make their own soap from scratch, mixing some fat or oil with lye and other soap making supplies to facilitate the chemical reaction that forms soap. This is a very rewarding and allows the greatest flexibility in the use of ingredients, color, and other factors. Using soap molds, the soap can be molded to the desired shape.


Some people want to make soap, but aren't interested in the long and sometimes complex processes involved in soapmaking. For these people, there is a way to make custom colored, scented and shaped soaps very simply. "Melt and Pour" soap is a glycerine based soap that can be scented, colored, and molded into desired shapes. It's a great gift idea! The melt and pour soap can be purchased at many craft or hobby stores that carry soap making supplies.


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Just Curious - Colonial America

Colonial Soap Making - Learn about the history of soap and how it was made in the colonies. Colonial Trades in America - Written by students and...

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colonial soap making and other soap related information

... mason jar soap dispensers how to make lye soap natural soap pei colonial soap making Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources ... all areas include Internet ...

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colonial america

Visit the link for details.

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The Soap Factory - Colonial Soap Making.

Potash and Pearlash Trade Soap making and the manufacture of potash and pearlashes were closely related trades of colonial America.

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Colonial Religion Religion in Colonial America Colonial Soap Making Colonial Soap Making. Its History and Techniques Colonial Tools...

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BEST colonial soap making

Contains the best colonial soap making resources. Visit here if you are seeking <colonial soap making> information ... Colonial Religion Religion in Colonial America Colonial Soap ...

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Colonial America

...and Cool Candlemaking Ideas.. Colonial Soap Making.. The Soap Factory.. Boot and.....Colonial American History.. Making of America.. The Freedom Trail.. The Colonial.....Colonial ...

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ProTeacher! Colonial times lesson plans for elementary school teachers

...colonial clothing, colonial trades, and soap-making source.. Frederica: An 18th.....collection of activity ideas about Colonial America that tie and science and math skills.....of a ...

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90.05.04: American Life: A Comparison of Colonial Life to Today's...

The Concluding Unit. Vocabulary Words For Colonial America. Lesson Plans ... from the swine was made into soap. ... worked on piecing or making...

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Education World ® : Great Sites For Teaching About: Colonial America

... Soap Factory, an excellent site on colonial soap making, offers a comprehensive history of soap, dating from ... down to read about soap making in colonial America. The information is ...

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